Getting Traffic, Growing Your Business – How To Go Viral TODAY!

untitledMaybe I’m the slow kid in class, but the idea of going “viral” just came to me. It was a real light bulb moment, if you will, and I couldn’t NOT post about it. Sadly, there’s sooooo many different things to keep in mind when it comes to marketing and advertising your business and as an entrepreneur it’s hard to keep it all straight.

Not only that, there are umpteen-million different sites and blog posts chronicling each and every possible way to gain traffic and what you need to do to be successful on the internet; how does one wade through it all?imagesLL7D0PIB

To be truthful, I’ve come to this conclusion- through trial and error. Maybe years of trial and error. I know it has been this way for me (and many others). But, it hasn’t been a bad thing because it laid the foundation of where I am NOW. I’m at a place where I have finally constructed a good system that has worked for me. And, I can’t wait to share that with you!

untitled2Throughout the years I have gleaned this, picked out that, plugged this in, rejected that. I’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t. And, that is what the majority of this post is going to be about. It has been on my mind for a very long time (even though I’m just learning about going viral).

The sad thing about technology is that it changes so fast! I can grab a book that looks to be quite new, open up the copyright page, see that it was printed in 2008 (not that long ago, if you think about it), start reading and immediately know (and become disappointed) that the content is outdated.

Another sad thing I notice is all of the swimming a person has to do through all of the SAME information, or nearly duplicate content to find some answers. For example, I can do a Google search on SEO How To’s, and the first page pulls up multiple pages all pretty much saying theimagesPXJSBNCZ same thing. Obviously, the perfect one I’m looking for explains it in the simplest language possible (I’m slow at times, remember?) and sometimes that can take several click-throughs to find what I’m looking for.

…just to let you know, I STILL haven’t found it. But, rest assured when I do, I’ll probably post about it in simple ENGLISH!

untitled3Is it time to come down? Off the soapbox?

All right, if I have to. Must keep chatter at a minimum today…

So, let’s dig in. This post is going to tell you in the straightest way possible what I’ve learned when it comes to having an online business. Most importantly, these are the non-negotiables; the sites that you absolutely cannot get away with not being affiliated with if you want to work online and create an automated income so you can be the globe-trotter you want to be.

Before I being, please note, this post is going to be spotlighting the sites I use. You may not use them, have radical opinions about that, and that is OK. But for me, these sites are what have worked best for me.teacher

Let’s just put it in a bullet-point list, shall we?

Since the old adage can still be seen around the scene: “Content is king.” You need to be publishing it. Content that is. And not only do you need to produce it, it needs to be “share-worthy”. So, in order to do this (which by the way you can either write it yourself or hire someone else to do it for cheap), you have to have the following, or what I call, “the bare bones”:

  • A website

    • In this day and age, you just can’t get away with not having a web site. It’s a no-brainer. I’ve tried many “build your own site” platforms and is my favorite. It’s where I keep my clothing store found HERE. And the hiring page I have for clothing models found HERE. There are so many others, time (and my fingers) would fail to list them all, so I’ve just listed what works best for me.
  • Blog

    • I put off having a blog for the longest time. I even toyed with the idea of blogging straight from my clothing web site, but decided against it. So, here I am at WordPress… my second blog with them and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Maybe I’ll start a third one… ehhhhh, nevermind.
  • Squidoo

    • Reviews are mixed on this one. Some love Squidoo, some don’t. Many question, ‘why write lenses, labor to drive traffic to them when you can just do the same with a blog and keep all profits yourself vs. splitting it with Squidoo’ (and trust me, there ARE perks to writing lenses on Squidoo)). Sure, you can measure up the pros and the cons all day long, but for me, I thought two little words on why I have both- can’t hurt.
    • (Psst… it doesn’t hurt at all, if you catch my meaning)


imagesRIQ5MEF7Now unless you run your business in a cave, you have to know that virtually every person on the planet agrees that social media is crucial to business success. So, if you don’t have an account with the following, sign up now:

          • Facebook
          • LinkedIn
          • Twitter
          • Pinterest
            • “Pinning” is the latest and greatest thing that can be a great launching pad for your website, blog posts and Squidoo lenses. Just make sure you use high-quality, eye-grabbing pictures. Many will click through based on the picture alone.

commAs far as social media goes, traffic is a very big part of having an online business. I mean, if no one is seeing you, what good does it do for you? The object of being involved in a social community is just that- community. The good news is a simple Google search has a plethora of articles on how to increase web site and blog traffic so I won’t list them here. Maybe I’ll write my own How To one day!

Even if you don’t use these news sites, sign up for them anyway! I’ll tell you why in a minute:

  • Delicious
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
  • Tumblr
  • Yahoo! Buzz

imagesZ5LDAC28The reason you want to be registered on these sights is to share links to the GREAT content you are producing (whether written by you or someone else you hired). Submitting your content via your bare bones links will get you views to your web site, blog and lenses.

#1 IMPORTANT>>>>>>>>> I don’t know how other blogging sites work, but here at WordPress when you customize the settings for the appearance of your blog, you can pick and choose which “sharing” buttons you want to put at the bottom of your blog posts. As you will see on the bottom of this post, most of what is on the above bulleted list has its own share button.


#2 IMPORTANT>>>>>>> When I publish my blog post, I then scroll to the bottom of the page and right-mouse click on each share button one at a time and select the option, “Open in New Tab”. Once I’ve shared my post on each site, I don’t close the tab when I’m done sharing. This way I can keep track of which site I’ve shared my blog post on.

images543G31EBWhen all the tabs are up and I’ve seen each and every news site I’ve submitted my blog post to, I then close them all down. If I don’t do that, I get confused and can’t remember what I’ve submitted and what I haven’t!

By going through and sharing my post via one share button at a time, to me, it’s a nice, systematic way to make sure my latest post gets to the most popular news sites.

The buzz on going “viral”:

  • Google WebMaster

    • Utilize the tools here for SEO, XML Site maps, authenticating your site, and more. Although it appears I’m not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to this, apparently SEO by Yoast is the most popular guru around that you may want to check out. There are many step-by-step articles that can help you.
  • ViralContentBuzz

    • You can do a Google search on “How To Go Viral”. There are plenty of pages that explain how. These two sites here (the one above and below) are supposedly the best when it comes to social media exchange (you share content, others share YOUR content, an exchange, get it?)
  • Outsourcing Promoters

    • You can hire virtual assistants to do all this for cheap so you don’t have to! Have them post and promote your blog and site to various niche forums and message boards, it’s almost too easy…


viralSince I’m learning about going viral today, this portion is a work-in-progress sort of. But, I can share with you my favorite top five sites and ‘how to’ pages that I came across:

32 Ways To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral (I got the best information from the comments section, actually)

Make Your Blog Post Go Viral  – In 60 Minutes or Less

How to Make Your Content Go Viral


So, there you have it. The literal bare bones of what is needed when it comes to running an online business. As a quick recap, you need a web site, a blog, accounts on all the major social media sites, and accounts on all the major news sites so you can easily submit links to them about your content.

Once you’ve accomplished that, are you done?

Of course not!

You thought you were getting off easy, now didn’t ya?

imagesCGD2GWIRListen- it’s not enough to just establish these things- that is why I called it the “bare bones” of what’s needed. Now you need to give birth to and grow relationships with others in your field. Find your audience, find other experts, join groups, make a group, it goes on and on (maybe I’ll post on these topics too one day).

Don’t get overwhelmed though. It may sound overwhelming, but it’s not… if you can get all these accounts up and running- I’m telling you for real, that’s the most overwhelming part. And, once the bare bones are done, and you can keep track of all the user names, emails and passwords, now you get to go on to the FUN part- growth! Growth that comes from making connections, promoting others then having them promote you back, seeing the traffic, engaging and promoting others, and then…

Maybe going viral?

This is where the excitement is!


Till next time,



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