About Glowbees

meJoy Brock is president and CEO of the Glowbees enterprise; consisting of:

        • an in-depth business blog catered to entrepreneurs and small business owners,
        • an online clothing retailer specializing in modest clothing for women and teens, and
        • a growing portfolio in commercial stock photography at the four of the largest royalty-based photography platforms across the web.

Over the last 10 years she has built Glowbees from the ground up, gaining proficiency at web site design, HTML, graphic design, and research and analysis along the way. When she’s not writing articles on her blog to help others succeed in their own business, or promoting and expanding her clothing boutique, she can be found developing her coaching and mentoring skills by assisting other professional entrepreneurs in their chosen fields.

And, when she’s not doing that, she’s off taking care of horses somewhere, or getting beat by her children at chess, off reading in a corner, or taking a walk with her husband.

If you are a women entrepreneur and would like to know more about consulting with Joy or would like to inquire about her coaching rates and how she can mentor you through the process of growing your own online business, send her a message HERE with the following information:

  • What business are you currently in?
  • A brief summary of your business goals.
  • Your top three skills. What are you proficient at?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next year?

You can connect with her on the social web here: 


In her own words…

cropped-befunky_null_11.jpg“All my life I’ve always been a researcher and rabid devourer of books, magazines and web articles. Don’t know how to do something? Read about it! Go to the library and search out your subject. Tackle that sucker! You’d be surprised at how much you can learn by physically going to the library with a specific agenda to learn about something.

I know, I know you don’t want to feel like you’re in school all over again. You’re probably saying, “I wrote essays, reports and did science fair projects all through school. I never want to do those things again!” I get it, I get it. Nobody wants to feel juvenile when they’re all “growed” up. But, let’s be real. Learning never really goes out of style.

In some way or another, you’ll always be a student; whether that’s at life, marriage, parenthood, your job, managing your home, etc. so, why not do whatever it is you do to the best of your ability?

Better yet, why not do all you can to be the BEST at something you’re already mildly good at?

Most of all, why not actually GET PAID to share what you know, and help other people improve their own situations based on what you have learned?

That’s what I have decided to do with my “Glowbees How To” blog. I’m going to share with you all that I have learned on subjects that, A) I have struggled with and overcame, and B) that I am passionate about.

My hope is that it will impart to you some wisdom, some “know how”, and most of all, be valuable enough to improve your own situation whether it’s a good one or a bad one. If I’ve benefitted from it, surely there has to be other people out there that can!”


030wfs-52-104-4-4-KD4508 ORANGE WHITE WITH STRIPES DRESS 2-2-2Fashion & Clothing

As little girls, my friends and I had methods for what we considered fun that tended grow a little on the unorthodox side. Some of our most exuberant times were taking pictures of ourselves drenched in clown make-up wearing side ponytails or full body shots wearing heels four sizes too big. Can you believe we even did these things outside? In public!? With side ponytails, you say? Other shenanigans included but were not limited to, pretending to hang off cliffs, wearing ball gowns in a forest, or facilitating mock bicycle accidents (think sprawled out kid tangled up under a ten-speed, crazy clothes and all) in sand dunes. Yes, the raw embarrassment was well documented in photographs; but boy, those were great times.

Even in all that oddity, it managed to give birth to a creatively artistic passion for clothing; only the “baby” that was born out of that grew up and soon discovered eBay and the lucrative land of vintage clothing. It was this path that led into actually selling clothing, learning how to market it, discovering what worked and what didn’t, finding suppliers and manufacturers, etc. etc. The passion that was born through all of that has never really left me over the course of my life; it has only been woven deeper into the fabric of my being, so to speak.

When I grew up and got serious about life (sort of), the “Glowbees Boutique” that launched out of all those adventures is now over ten years old; the exciting part is we’re only growing. The passion for fashion that was created morphed and grew into a place of a strongly-held belief that as women and girls we have a high calling when it comes to how we choose to dress. And, we’ve learned that our responsibility is huge in regards to how it affects other people in our lives. Personally, we’re tired of seeing women and girls degrade themselves and cause others to stumble with the immodesty we see being promoted around us. But, this doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with clothing anymore, no! Our aim has only changed somewhat and that is only to combat the way of thinking that encourages women and girls to “show more” by providing (and proving) modest clothing for women and teens does not have to sacrifice style and beauty.

Visit my site HERE and shop around!


Photography dreamstimefree_140342

In 2006, after years and years of amateur photography via 35mm cameras and point-and-shoots (see above to learn about my photographic escapading ways), I decided I wanted to get serious about taking pictures as a means of extra income.

What transpired was me diving head-long into the purchase of my first dSLR camera. Then, after getting impatient with the lens that it came with, it wasn’t too long after that I made another hefty purchase for a newer, better lens (very worth it).

Why did I do all this? Well, I got super sick of being rejected over and over, site after site regarding the quality (or lack thereof) of my pictures. I really believed that I had the potential and gusto to improve what I was doing. And I did… because I never gave up (and neither should you if photography is your pursuit).

I kept at it, working long and hard, through trial and error, studying and researching ideas, eventually putting many children (mostly my own) through somewhat harrowing situations just to get “the shot”. Much to my chagrin, it has all paid off! Now I have portfolios on four of the biggest commercial stock photography sites across the web. Better than even being accepted, my images actually sell (which still surprises and tickles me to no end).

I believe anyone can do what I’ve done and succeed even on a tight or non-existent budget (like me). So, be sure to stay tuned on my How-To blog for upcoming articles on what I’ve learned and how I’ve implemented various ideas that has given me success in stock photography.

Visit my photography site HERE.




One of my great passions is assisting the persecuted and the orphan any way I can. 10% of every sale in my boutique goes to the Voice of the Martyrs ministry and the International Voice of the Orphan. Check out my blog at: http://afflicted4christ.wordpress.com for more information on VOM or go to: http://www.internationalvoiceoftheorphan.com/ for more information on IVO.

How I found VOM from my afflicted4christ.wordpress.com site:

It all started with a little book called, “Jesus Freaks” by DC Talk.

In early ’01, I stumbled onto it by accident in a book store (imagine that!). And, as much as I love to read, I unfortunately don’t frequent book stores as much as I’d like, so with this thought in mind, I chalk it all up to divine appointment.

When I first laid eyes on it, I marvelled. It looked…”

Click HERE to keep reading~


Equine Stuffsmug-horse-meme

Having always been a crazy-for-horses type gal, it’s no wonder I want bring that love to my social sites and blog! From pictures, to memes, to how-to’s, to videos, I can’t help but bring up something somewhere somehow; whether that’s on a horse forum, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or my own web site. I even make things for them (like lounge lines and horse blankets)!

Of course, I do these things when I’m not feeding them, or watering them, or riding them, or being scared witless by them (sad to say as much as I love ‘em, I can still get pretty nervous and scared at times). Regardless, I don’t think my fear will ever keep me from them (unless I get stomped on or something, lol). In fact, I think of it as a “conquering a fear” sort of thing- not something to be negative about. After all, it helps the confidence, you know?

Either way, be prepared to hear or see something about horses if you stick around a while 😉 And, I hope you do!

Check out my board, “Horse Love” on Pinterest HERE.


WomanNow Hiring!

Glowbees is an active employer of local models, content writers, promoters, bloggers, graphic designers and internet researchers. If you are an up-and-coming model looking for paying gigs, I am an active member of ModelLocate.com and am always in the market for hiring local models to model our seasonal clothing lines. We pay cash and also work TFP if desired. Click HERE (the contact page at Glowbees) for more information.

As an active member of the hiring platform, oDesk and am also always looking to hire freelancers for the following work:

  • Content Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Internet Researchers
  • Virtual Assistants

If you fit the bill for any of these positions, click HERE to see all active jobs I am hiring for. If there doesn’t seem to be any positions available, I would politely ask you to just hang tight- they are either filled for that week or I do not need assistance at that time. No worries though, I usually have one to two new jobs available every week.

–Joy 1920073_10201564396780687_498685887_n


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