100+ Tips and Lessons To Increase Traffic or Generate Revenue!

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Search Engine Optimization (SEO), The Fast and Easy Way to Learn

By Rafiq Elmansy


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I picked this book up just to “dabble in”. I knew somewhat about Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) and although I found the subject a bit overwhelming, I thought- what the hey, let’s grab this and see where we can go.

On a side note, I have a new project that I’m working on involving web development- you can read about that here. And, while most people would pick a book like this up for their own businesses, I picked this up for OTHER people’s businesses. You see, part of my project is developing web packages for other people/businesses/entrepreneurs.

So, I bought this book in a wholly unselfish way…

Yeah, riiiiiiiiight you say.

drownTurns out that I wrongly believed I had good handle on things (shocker). In all seriousness though- when I said I was going to “dabble”, it quickly became more than that. I was immersed in it. After all, who hasn’t read article after online article about SEO? I know I have; and, at the end of the day once it’s read, you forget about it within a nanosecond of clicking the mouse.

rinseHowever, even before diving into this book, I was done with the read-click-forget-rinse-repeat scenario… I just didn’t know it yet. If what I just said is resonating with you, here is where you really need to listen to me- if you GENUINELY want to know how to get more traffic and more clicks on your web site or blog; you need to invest in this book. While there are people in this world who can readily implement a page full of text- nothing but words that you need a doctorate to understand… Well, I think that’s great if you can comprehend it, but I’m not that type of person. And, if you aren’t either, stay with me.english


To be honest, I’m too impatient to even sit through a 1-minute YouTube video let alone have a Google page up ready to look up every other word!



Truly, you’d do yourself an immense favor investing in this. Trust me. Or don’t- BUT, I’m hoping you will after you read this post. I’ll make it as brief, and to-the-point as I can. Your time is precious!

manualThis is more than a book, it’s a MANUAL, and all you need is this and your computer. It’s designed for individuals who are visual learners and it comes complete with large, colorful, large-size screen shots and step-by-step explanations that are easy to understand (PRO TIP: I took those steps and placed them into an Excel spreadsheet and now use it as a checklist for the sites I develop. You can do the same for your own site/blog!).

Some of it in the very beginning is for complete newbies like building a web site (in other words, if you’ve already developed your website and it has good, useful content with strategic keywords and tags, it is OK to go ahead and move onto further chapters). As for me, and possibly for you, you’re already beyond this point and are now looking to just get it ranked higher in Google for an confusedincrease in traffic or to generate a monthly revenue stream. This book will help with that.

Like, ever found Google Analytics confusing? Who hasn’t?

Just the word, ‘analytics’ gives me the willies!


But, that’s what we all need to learn. And, as far as I’m concerned this guide sides more in the advanced area (don’t be scared!)—like,

  • Diving deeply into meta tags and implementing them into your site through HTML/CSS (you *have* to come to a place of knowing basic code. If you don’t learn, you are short-changing yourself),
  • Simple-to-understand information about On-page/Off-page SEO,
  • the importance of anchor text, and other codes/files/formulas for optimization
  • internal links, backlinks, link-exchange,
  • fully optimizing image names and Alt Attributes,
  • where to scan code errors within your site that may be harming your Google rank (this is done by another site that you can use for FREE),
  • and so much more! There is over 100 SEO tasks you can do- do them ALL, I say!

Even though I’d say this information is for those that are beyond the basics, it really does make ‘advanced’ very easy to do. Each chapter is designed in two-page lessons so it’s great for just laying the book in your lap, or on your desk. It lays open and you just follow along…



Do yourself a service and DON’T buy the “e-Book” even though it’s available. I’m sure most professionals out there think that a book coming in electronic form is a hot commodity nowadays, but from this gal right here, don’t do it. You need to physically handle this book! Trust me!

checkWhy? You lay it open, you follow along step-by-step, ensuring you’ve done EVERYTHING (and 99% of the steps and implements are free, by the way) and then watch your site or blog take off! I mean, what else will there be left to do??? Cover-to-cover, this is it! And kiss the ‘read-click-forget’ system goodbye!

In fact, the slogan on the back cover says it best, “Read Less- Learn More”.


I would agree!

Check out these pages I snipped so you can get a better idea of how this works and why this would be an excellent investment for your biz!




How to Put Your Income On Auto-Pilot For Real & Experience High-End World Travel


This article is a follow-up to my previous blog post titled, “The Blueprint To Traveling The World & Escaping The Rat Race Now“.

So, if you haven’t spoiled your eyeballs with the decadent pleasure of reading it, please do it so this post can make a whole lot more sense to you.


(Not to sound bossy or anything. )

So, I’ll start with a question for you- have you ever read a book that was beyond your comprehension? That’s probably a dumb question, of course you have. Who hasn’t? Kind of reminds me of my futile attempts at understanding XML site maps and the implementation thereof (it’s just not happening in case you’re wondering). I might as well be reading the latest Physician’s Desk Reference for pleasure (no, thanks). imagesWH9IX4DZ

As much as I want to generate traffic to this blog, my neuron-synapsis’ will thank me later.


To follow up from Part 1 of this post, am I saying that “The 4-Hour Workweek” is beyond ordinary comprehension? No. But, there are some terms that I’ve never heard before. Let me clarify that that’s not to say that I’m the end-all, be-all of the highest literary standard of understanding; what I mean is that if “Geographic Arbitrage” is common language, I must be living in a cave!

I have to admit that I looked up the dictionary term for this. Although, I was unsuccessful finding the exact phrasing, I was successful at finding a blog by a person who actually does this (geographic arbitraging that is, not looking up words in the dictionary. Well, maybe he does- but that’s beside the point).

To get a better understanding of it, I’m going to let him explain here-

As I write this article, I’m sitting outside a small coffee shop in the city of Kanchanaburi, Thailand. What a cool place. I’m just a few miles from the Bridge Over the River Kwai. My room for the night costs 200 baht ($7), and the excellent kaafe yen (iced coffee) I’m now enjoying comes in at a whopping $1.50. Take that, Starbucks. Dinner tonight, including beer, will come to $3. So that’s…$11.50 for today.  And Thailand is actually one of the more expensive countries in South East Asia. So, I’m earning money, while living in a less expensive foreign country. Welcome to the world of geographic arbitrage. Dictionary.com  defines “geographic arbitrage” as: “the practice of high-paid professionals moving to less-expensive areas.”

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to travel the world. I did a bit of travelling during and after college, but always seemed to…”

Read more at the link at the bottom of my post~


images0Y4TG2JZObviously, this type of lifestyle is for those who have that classic touch of wanderlust. People that live on the edge, people that are comfortable taking certain risks, things like that.

Does that description sound a bit extreme?

Consider the truth- it IS a risk to leave everything you’ve ever known by uprooting and moving half-way across the globe. Can it be done? That’s not the question (of course it can be done). What the question really boils down to is this: do you have the guts?

When people want to be millionaires they have this vision of what life would be like- fancy cars, a big house, lots of employees, saucy cocktail parties, big, blue swimming pools, a boat (all paid off, too- no bills), prestige, influence, celebrity friends. I know that I have.


I have had visions of those, but those aren’t the visions of what being a millionaire is all about for me anymore.  To be totally honest, who wants a big house with more THINGS that collect dust, and only work to separate those you love by the vastness of it all. How about nosey neighbors, lawn care ordinances, and the umpteen billion perks of keeping up a home, and a big one to boot!

What about a fancy car? Yes, please!untitled2

But how will I fit all the lovely, beautiful gaggle of children I have and adore? Oh. You’re single and don’t have that problem? OK- well, you’ve got me there. Go for it.

In continuing the vision, lots of employees? Who wants to manage that?

What about saucy cocktail parties? Why? Most of the people that are there probably only want to be there because of your money. I’m sure many millionaires prefer a close dinner party with some of their closest and trusted friends.

imagesWCVQY5VNA big swimming pool? Hate those.

Ahhhh, you got me. Can’t hate a big swimming pool no matter how hard I try. Look, the point of all this is that people DO have certain visions when it comes to all of the luxuries that money can afford.

But think about this: really deep down, people truly just want to spend more time with the people they love, reduce their bills (and their workload at the same time), chase their hobbies, be able to afford to go out from time to time and travel, travel, travel and then travel some more. Whether that’s to a simple place like Cedar Pointe, or all the way to the Cayman Islands people want to have fun with the other special people in their lives. And, they don’t want to have to work like dogs to do it.

People have swallowed an unfortunate lie that they have to be a millionaire to do all these things.  Well, you don’t have to be. And for the first time in my life (and I’m 38 years old), my eyes have seen a new perspective on what it means to live an exciting way of life that doesn’t involve signing people up under me in a pyramid scheme, working 80 hours a week, or joining Amway. And, isn’t that why you’re here?

To escape the 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich?

The only catch to this is that you have to be a little daring. You have to be willing to take some risk. You have to go out to the nearest gun shop, buy an oozi and mow down that domineering tyrant called, FEAR.untitled5

images8Q5DBQZJFirst on the list is getting an income and putting it on auto-pilot. This is under the section called, “Off-Loading the Rest and a Taste of Geoarbitrage”. This is the crucial key: learning to delegate personal assistants remotely (that techno speak for, “people who live inside your computer”) in order to be able to give orders or assignments for other people to do for you. That’s part of the automation process; automating job functions so you don’t have to.

Stay with me on this.

To quote Tim,

It’s time to learn how to be the boss. It isn’t time-consuming. It’s low-cost and it’s low-risk. Whether or not you “need” someone at this point is immaterial. It is an exercise. It is also the litmus test for entrepreneurship…”


Becoming a member of the new rich is not just about working smarter. It’s about building a system to replace yourself.”

So, what is it that you need to pursue in order to make an income? In the book, it’s titled, “Finding the Muse”. And, it goes like this:

Our goal is simple: to create an automated vehicle for generating cash without consuming time. That’s it. I will call this vehicle a “muse” whenever possible to separate it from the ambiguous term, “business”, which can refer to a lemonade stand or a Fortune 10 oil conglomerate- our objective is more limited and thus requires a more precise label.

So first things first: cash flow and time. With these two currencies, all other things are possible. Without them, nothing is possible.”

The question now is what is your product? What is your business? Everyone I know has a talent. Do you make something?untitled3

Is it information? What have you learned in life (click HERE to read about making a profit by sharing what you know) that others would pay for and benefit from?

Maybe you are a good salesperson and have a knack for selling other people’s products.

imagesV95H24MOWhat if you don’t want to make something?


Well, don’t worry. “The 4-Hour Workweek” has you covered in all these areas, even in the area of refusing to make something (you lazy dirtbag).

Learn and implement detailed information to cover every imaginable base like:

–How to develop a product (including sharing the names of manufacturers who can help) versus investing in an already manufactured product, including how to confirm sufficient market size

–He brainstorms with you on what benefit this product should be to your customer,

–What the cost should be

–The time-frame of manufacture (how long it takes to make), and

–What you need to do to develop a full online FAQ.

imagesN33YLINAFrom reselling an already established product to licensing or creating a product, it’s all in here. You’ll have so much fat to chew on your teeth may fall out! You won’t know what to do from information overload; from selecting your market to brainstorming your product to micro-testing it to rolling it out and automating it you may have to take a “summer vacation” like you did when you were in school! Only difference is, it may become a permanent summer vacation.dreamstimefree_112399

So, you get all this information. You have everything developed. Now what?

Are you ready for geographic arbitrage? But wait, you say, I’m not making millions right yet!

Listen, you don’t have to make millions.


Continue to stay with me, OK?

Once you have a product that sells, it’s time to design a self-correcting business architecture that runs itself.”

untitled6Try this on for size:

While most entrepreneurs dive into their ventures with a zealous passion for their product or service, few start out with a clear idea of what kind of company they want to build. But McDonnell did. From the outset, he wanted Applegate Farms, his Bridgewater, N.J., organic and natural meat company, to be the kind of business that could grow and thrive on its own steam, not on the power of his own adrenaline and charisma. And so he made a radical decision: Even in the company’s infancy, he chose to limit his physical presence at headquarters to one day a week. He’s continued to do this for 17 years now, and it seems to be working. Applegate has been profitable from the beginning. Revenue has been going up 30% a year. Productivity, measured by weekly sales per employee, goes up every year. Labor cost per pound of goods sold goes down every year. McDonnell figures that Applegate’s 120 products, which can be found in such high-end grocery stores as Whole Foods, Wegmans, Wild Oats, and Trader Joe’s, now provide 1.5 million servings a week.

All because he avoids going into the office? Well, yes. “I’m a…”

Follow along to the bottom to get the link to read more. Trust me, you’ll want to!


Here’s the golden nugget: If you have developed a product…gold

(which you can develop, or have someone else manufacture, or maybe it’s no product at all- it can be information, or affiliate partners, consulting services, marketing strategies that you’ve developed, whatever. The key is this: the possibilities are ENDLESS, remember that!)

…based on the guidelines Tim walks you through in ch. 9-10, it will plug into the detailed structural chart he has constructed hand-in-glove.

Where is he in the structured diagram chart?

I am not a tollbooth through which anything needs to pass. I am more like a police officer on the side of the road who can step in if need be, and I use detailed reports from outsourcers to endure the cogs are moving as intended. I check reports from fulfillment each Monday and monthly reports from the first of each month. The latter reports include orders received from the call center, which I can compare to the call center bills to gauge profit. Otherwise, I just check bank accounts online on the first and fifteenth of each month to look for odd deductions. If I find something, one email will fix it, and if not…

…it’s back to kendo, painting, hiking, or whatever I happen to be doing at the time.”

In the end, you’re going to be automating something. And once that happens, you will be ready for liberation; the liberation that involves freeing you from the 9-5 so you can live anywhere.

Once again, isn’t that why you’re here?

The new rich are defined by a more elusive power than simple cash- unrestricted mobility.”

…Tens of thousands of people, most of them less capable than you, leave their jobs every day. It’s neither uncommon nor fatal.”

doorJob changes are natural and the book teaches you how simple that transaction can be. If you simply cannot quit your job because of fear or other obligations, why not travel the path that leads around the world by working remotely?

Think it can’t be done?

 Just wait till you read the step-by-step plan including example scripts of how to do it (pg. 206). Man, I wish I had this information while I was still employed. This is the section from the first blog touting the statement, “How blue-chip escape artists travel the world without quitting their jobs”. It’s unbelievable, but absolutely brilliant.

imagesOUUCJEN5If you really want to take the plunge, but can’t get past the what-if’s such as:

          • The permanency of quitting (burning that bridge),
          • Not being able to pay the bills,
          • Health insurance and retirement accounts, or
          • Ruining your resume

Don’t worry, the book tackles those subjects too (which are more like job-quitting myths) with remedies in the form of tools and tricks that include plenty of links and articles (all free). So, are you ready for a mobile lifestyle, yet?

The Birth of Mini-Retirements and the Death of Vacations

True freedom is much more than having enough income and time to do what you want. It is quite possible- actually the rule rather than the exception- to have financial and time freedom but still be caught in the throes of the rat race. Once cannot be free from the stresses of a speed- and size-obsessed culture until you are free from the materialistic addictions, time-famine mind-set, and comparative impulses that created it in the first place.”

roadThis is where the term, “millionaire” needs to hit the road! Get.that.stupid.word.out.of.your.head.

I don’t want to be a millionaire. I want the lifestyle that having millions of dollars gives- and, that’s a huge difference. What IS money? It just buys you things and takes you places. The key here is that you don’t need a boat load of it in order to live the lavish lifestyle of your dreams!

And, there’s so much information on the ins-and-outs of travel that it takes up about an 1/8 of the book. It includes next-to-nothing airfare rates, places to stay that are free (yes, you read that right FREE), transportation, high-end luxury monthly rental apartments (some for $300-something a MONTH) and more. You can do this on a modest (or large, whatever you prefer. Maybe you want to work 5 hours a week??), automated income.

Anyhow, I was blown away and constantly came to this reverberating thought, “can this really be true?”

Turns out, it is. People really do this. And, these people aren’t hard to find.


Almost forgot! Don’t forget to check out these links from the sections I wrote about above:

Using Geographic Arbitrage to Live the Lifestyle of your Dreams

Remote Control CEO

Till next time,


The Blueprint To Traveling The World & Escaping The Rat Race Now

The Last PieceWe all love a good treasure hunt, don’t we? Cryptic clues scattered about leading you on, pressing you onward, guiding you to the prize.

Or, perhaps treasure hunts aren’t your thing (too old for those childhood games)?

How about a more refined, dignified game of wits and intellect… say, Sudoku or chess?dreamstimefree_82189

Well, I DO like puzzles and games and treasure hunts.

Know what I don’t like though? NOT being able to find the treasure, or solve the puzzle, or win the game really chaps my unmentionables! dreamstimefree_120493


In Tim Ferriss’s, “The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich”he claims to have “hidden passwords” within the book to access “some of the best” he has to offer, but due to time constraints wasn’t able to elaborate on the following:

  • How to get $700,000 of advertising for $10,000 (includes real scripts)
  • How to learn any language in 3 months
  • Muse Math: Predicting the revenue of any product (includes case studies)
  • Licensing: from Tae Bo to Teddy Ruxpin
  • Real licensing agreement with real dollars (this alone is worth $5,000)
  • Racier new rich case studies and interviews
  • Online round-the-world (RTW) trip planner


OK, so it’s like a game. Find the passwords, get the prize. dreamstimefree_74113

Oh my God!Only I didn’t find any passwords, or get any prize (at least in this way).

But just because I’m not bright enough to see through the game of hidden passwords doesn’t mean you’re not. I would never in a million years tell you that it was a waste of time to read this book on account of my brain dump, no!


There’s so much more valuable information than what’s been listed above (and, if you can discover the hidden clues- kudos to you!).

Tim gives a step-by-step guide to luxury lifestyle design teaching,

  • How he went from $40,000 per year and 80 hours per week to $40,000 per month and 4 hours per week.
  • How you can outsource your life to overseas virtual assistants for $5 per hour and do whatever you want.
  • How blue-chip escape artists travel the world without quitting their jobs.
  • How to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours using the principles of a forgotten Italian economist.
  • How to trade a long-haul career for short work bursts and frequent “mini-retirements”.

But there’s a warning- Do not read this book unless you want to quit your job.

To live is to learn. I see no other option. This is why I’ve felt compelled to quit or be fired from jobs within the first six months or so. The learning curve flattens out and I get bored.”

I read this book through once and was intrigued by all of the information. I’m now reading it again and am quickly becoming overwhelmed. This is not your average “Get Rich Quick” book. In fact, Tim doesn’t really encourage “getting rich”; he promotes what he calls, “mini retirements” and a group of people coined, “The New Rich”.

A mini-retirement equals several sporadic months long sabbaticals throughout your life vs. working like a dog for 40-50 years and then diving into the “golden years” (and depending on who you are may or may not be so golden).


Tim makes an interesting observation here regarding those golden years- “Most people will need to be able to retire and maintain even a hotdogs-for-dinner standard of living. Even one million is chump change in a world where traditional retirement could span 0 years and inflation lowers your purchasing power 2-4% per year. The math doesn’t work. The golden years become lower-middle-class life revisited. That’s a bitter sweet ending.

If the math does work, it means that you are one ambitious, hardworking machine. If that’s the case, guess what? One week into retirement, you’ll be so damn bored that you’ll want to stick bicycle spokes in your eyes. You’ll probably opt to look for a new job or start another company. Kinda defeats the purpose of waiting, doesn’t it?”

I think this is a valid argument. You really have only two (or three) scenarios: working till you die because you can’t afford to retire, or if you do, you need to eat dirt to stay alive. Or, you’ve worked your fingers straight into bony nubs and now that you’ve retired, you’re so bored out of your mind you quickly slide into head-long depression. So, what’s the alternative?

The goal isn’t to wait till the end of your life to retire. Mini-retirements throughout life instead of hoarding the dreamstimefree_112399recovery and enjoyment of the fool’s gold of retirement is the aim of the new rich. By working only when you are most effective, life is both more productive and more enjoyable. It’s the perfect example of having your cake and eating it, too.”

So, how does this work? Tim goes straight to the nitty gritty by helping you overcome your biggest deterrents right now when it comes to jumping off the grid. And, by jumping off the grid, I mean like, leaving the rat race and enjoying your mini-retirements now. Because after all, isn’t that why you’re here?

OK, so what’s first on the agenda?

Learning the word DEAL- which stands for Definition (defining your lifestyle design recipe, i.e., learning how the new rich operate), Elimination (by increasing your efficiency and time), Automation (your income goes on autopilot- NICE), and Liberation (“the mobile manifesto for the globally inclined”. If you’ve never heard of “geoarbitraging” you’re in for a treat!). However, DEAL is not the be-all end-all for this. You will also need to know the following:

  • Getting over and conquering fear
  • Learning that money alone is not the solution
  • Overcoming the power of pessimism
  • How less does not equal laziness
  • Defining your worst nightmare, and
  • How relative income is more important than absolute income (this one got me thinking)

Sounds great, right? To me I find it simply fascinating. I’ve been prompted in a variety of ways to really re-think what it is that makes me happy. And, there are so many. But, that’s not the question you need to figure out (even though it’s a good one). The 4-Hour Workweek digs down deeper and asks a different question:

What is it that excites you?

Living like a millionaire requires doing interesting things and not just owning enviable things. Maybe you can’t pinpoint what exactly that is. No worries, as the book gives you a step-by-step program called, “Dreamlining”. It applies timelines to what most would consider dreams. It is much like goal-setting but differs in several fundamental respects. It’s a fun (but hard) exercise in thinking big and reversing repression (who knew we needed that?). There are six steps and even an example worksheet to get your brain juices flowing.

dreamstimefree_110876Since the opposite of happiness is boredom, drawing a roadmap of what it is you want to do in life is crucial to strategizing plans in the process of: 1) eliminating unnecessary work, 2) prioritizing what is important and then, 3) implementing the tools you need to be highly productive during the hours you choose to work (Tim shows you how to do this if you are already currently employed 9-5, we’ll get to this a little later).

You will learn what time management should be, how you will use productivity, and learn the difference between “effective” vs. “efficiency”.  Tim shows exactly how he used the words of an often-forgotten Italian economist to turn a 12-hour work day into two-hour days… in 48 hours. Would you believe that you can actually increase your per-hour results ten times or more with his counterintuitive techniques (as far as being SUPER productive, he even shows you how to read 200% faster in 10 minutes (pg. 85), talk about being efficient!).


Now that you can learn to be effective, efficient and become the eliminator of unimportant things, what’s next? Well, I thought we’d get to the area of automation. What do we need to do to put our income on auto-pilot?

How many of us can truly grasp how cool that would be? But, not only can we learn how to do this, but learning it with the understanding that even if it’s not enough to live like a millionaire in the United States, you CAN live like one while traveling around the world. Say what?!

Don’t get scared. Just stay with me…

Till next time…

Oh, and P.S. I can’t wait to show you the Liberation step!


P.P.S. If you really can’t hold water till my next post, check the reviews out in the meantime by going HERE.


Make Money By Sharing What You Know! A Legitimate 10-Step Business Plan~


…never forget that on the highway of life, you have come further than some others, and the lessons you have learned are both helpful and valuable to others.”

–Brendon Burchard


Truth is I’ve never been successful at much. As a stay at home mother to several children living on a single income- let’s just say my free time, my priorities, and my goals have been different than most when it comes to the subject of making money. Sure, I’ve dabbled on eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, you name it. Nothing has ever really worked to the point where it could be considered “extra income” (let alone riches and wealth). But what I can tell you about me is that I’ve always been a researcher; finding new ways, new ideas… learning how to do this, learning a better way to do that. As of this date, my research has taken me to a new place that I’d like to share with you and I’m really excited about it.

So, what have I done when it comes to the subject of money?


You guessed it! I turned to… books. Yeah, that’s right, I said books. Lots of those “Get Rich Quick” books.


Think I’m crazy? Don’t answer that.

Think I’m getting rich quick? Well… not exactly. But let me tell you about it anyway. I promise you will be intrigued.

Early on one of the books I came across was called, The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice. I won’t share his exact backstory (even though it is extremely interesting and hard to imagine), what I will share with you is what I came away with after reading it and what I learned. I want to give to you a sense of hope and a speck of wisdom, if I can, about earning an income online based on this book. But wait! Don’t stop reading, stay with me, OK? Let me ask you this, do you think it’s possible to actually earn an income online if it’s done right? Done with honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and with the utmost qualities of an upright character? Do you REALLY think it’s possible?

Guess what? I do. And, I hope you do also (that’s why you’re here, right?). I want you to keep an open mind and consider the possibilities with me. The possibilities this book helped me to see for the first time. Try not to turn yourself off to the idea that these “Get Rich Quick” books are only a scam (unless of course, they are charging you hundreds of dollars for); I have to believe, for the most part, that they can be valuable when it comes to ideas for particular methods and ways of utilizing the Internet (albeit, the cheesiness of it all).

One day not too long ago, and I don’t know why, but for me, I made a decision to be open-minded about all this. I thought to myself, surely, if someone is writing a book with a ton of content, they have to be saying SOMETHING of value. Can someone really write that much and say nothing at all, nothing that I could learn and implement and better my situation? I mean, there has to be SOMETHING I can glean, right?!

Well, there is! And without further ado, I’ll stop boring you with all this talk and cut to the chase.



The front cover states this, “Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice”.

Think it’s possible? Read on, and see for yourself…


dreamstimefree_53917You have a story. You have struggled and overcame. What was the triumph, turning-point, or tragedy of your life? Did you know that there are fewer stable and lucrative jobs in the world other than that of being an, “expert”?

Think about this. YOU have a story to share that can help others. Who hasn’t struggled in their lives and lived to tell about it? Can what happened to you challenge and possibly give hope to others? Would you know where to begin crafting what you learned, packaging it up and knowing how to offer it to your niche audience?

Or, maybe you are really knowledgeable about a certain hobby or occupation, but don’t quite know how to lay it all out to teach others. Think of it as crafting or honing a “How-To” guide, producing it, marketing it, and profiting from it. Want to learn how to do that? Better yet, with little to no start-up?

Here’s the kicker: most people, if not all, appallingly undervalue what they know and how sought after by others it can be. You can either share your life story and experience or share your advice and how-to information and build a business out of it. Both avenues are possible! But, this is only the first step- stay with me.


dreamstimefree_239635Thinking through, defining and developing your “message” right now to make an income.

Seriously, right now.

What are you passionate about? What have you always wanted to learn about? What are your plans for research? The purpose of asking these questions and more is to get you thinking about setting up the beginning plans for later strategies and getting results. The beauty is that Brendon Burchard shows you how to brainstorm what you can teach others in nine of the most lucrative topics in the expert industry. He goes over in detail what you need to ask yourself to help guide you in the right direction.

He also covers in-depth what you need to do to create that useful “how-to” program or system that cultivates results and/or solves problems. Paying particular attention to the eye-catchiness of it, making it easy to implement, and increasing its value through six crucial steps is a must read and will help bring success.

Get the nitty-gritty on how to craft your message by:

              • Researching it
              • Mastering it
              • Sharing it
              • Becoming known for it
              • And, then teaching it for profit


dreamstimefree_190753Are you still with me? Good! Next step is choosing the right method for YOU. Which is the best avenue for your client to receive?

Let’s let this sink in for a moment: there are only five ways people can get your program- they can read it, hear it, see it, experience it, and master it. What does that leave you with? It leaves you with the awesome, yet fun responsibility of creating content and developing the training. Here are some great options:

              • Webinars
              • Software
              • A Membership Site
              • Downloadable Audio and Video Programs
              • Monthly Content Releases
              • Desktop Training, and
              • Workbooks

Does it seem a little daunting? In all honesty, it doesn’t have to be. You can do this, I know you can. How do I know? I know because if I can do it, so can you. On the flip side though, maybe it seems way too easy? Maybe you are super ambitious and really want to step up your game- well, that’s possible too! Learn more about giving seminars, making training DVD’s, books (or eBooks), and audio CD’s (have you ever heard of ‘print-on-demand’? No inventory or warehouse storage- a customer buys your item; the item is then manufactured on the spot, and then shipped? Incredible! And, totally within your capabilities!)

The goal here is to grow a business by creating the content you are passionate about, have researched and have experience on. It’s about teaching others through a training course you design on how to live a better life because of what you’ve learned. Best of all, it requires very little money and I mean, little. Woot!


dreamstimefree_192479The importance of “positioning” yourself and your message! You need to be the credible source!

If you think about it, do you know how to strategically place yourself amongst your audience, other experts, AND your competition? How important is it really to differentiate yourself and your content? How do you become a credible source?

Among all these other items, meeting the demand of your audience needs to be at the top of your priority list, but how to do you do that too?

First order of business is finding how your competitors are. Maybe there aren’t any! Wouldn’t that be great? But since we live in reality, this is going to take research. Start asking questions, start visiting the library, watch some YouTube videos. What are they NOT doing? This is the first step in differentiating yourself.

Next order of business is becoming a credible source. It all starts with content. And, it has to be leading edge. Again, this will take research and developing one of your needed skill sets which will be writing. Don’t know how to write well? It’s not very hard to learn to do; all it takes are some books from the library, or even some web articles. Practice and have a friend read it over, it’s easy!

The Millionaire Messenger is invaluable when it comes to this thing called, “positioning”. Sounds a little funny, but it makes total sense. Positioning yourself well, especially in the area of credibility is just that, having credit, or having a good reputation. Never forget to be truthful, and always strive to provide valuable, worth reading, know-how subject matter. But, you’ve got to start somewhere, as only you know your story better than anyone.

The bottom line: more credibility, more value, more of a following.


dreamstimefree_230433Getting the right audience and what you need to know.

Who are the people in the market for your guidance? Finding out who will most likely benefit is a key aspect. Like, what are the things they like to buy, or even better, what would they like to get for free? What results are THEY looking for?

Long story short: your audience is looking for a real-deal, tangible training course. You need to know how to position yourself (there’s that word again) with them (when you work through finding who they are) and most importantly be prepared to handle their questions, concerns or even objections. The good news- what you need to know is all covered in an easy to apply formula in the book.

We’re at the half-way point! Let’s keep moving along because this is when it starts getting good!


dreamstimefree_178039You have an incredible opportunity to use the massive wealth of technology at your fingertips for your business.

When has there ever been a time in history when you can utilize all of the following programs practically for free? Have you ever really though that you can have your very own:

              • Social community? (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
              • TV Station? (YouTube)
              • Publishing Company? (WordPress)
              • Store Front that takes payments instantly? (PayPal, Google Express, Yahoo Merchant)
              • Recording Studio? (Apple)

Pretty incredible, isn’t it? Think back to the eighties when all this just seemed so impossible and out of reach! As kids we were lucky to get a small jukebox of our own that we could carry around in our pockets (thanks, Walkman!). Now, look at all the available, cool gadgets we can get. Why not utilize them all to launch the business of your dreams?


Business WomanPromotion, Promotion, Promotion. It’s super important, but guess what? Let someone else do it for you!

I really learned a lot about promotion from this book, in that you might be surprised at how easy-peasy it can be to promote your business. There are two ways. But first let me say that I know how odd it sounds that you really don’t even have to promote your business yourself, I get it. And no, I’m not talking about the out-of-nowhere blessedness of suddenly going “viral”, or the laboriously, and sweaty work of word-of-mouth endeavors, or even posting links so far over the web that your fingers fall off (only to be dragged off to SPAMMERS-prison afterwards- not cool). I’m talking about something new. At least for me it is.

This is where the whole process gets really fun and takes on a whole new edge.  We are going to start with the second method first. And, I’ll start with this question: think you don’t have what it takes to actually run a corporation, or personally manage several employees under you? Good news! You don’t have to! There are these little people that live in your computer that actually do the work for you- they’re called, “Virtual Assistants” and they work extremely well for this type of field. Check out the reputable hiring platforms out there (hello, oDesk! How ya doin’, eLance?); they can be one of the great mechanisms you can use to promote your business. And, many of them work for a very low price (I mean as low as a few dollars), simply because they want to grow their ratings.

And, it’s totally worth it.

For me, I like to not have to do every.single.thing when it comes to marketing and promoting. Not doing every little thing frees me up to do more important work (i.e., creating content, or working at the creation of my own training course, or networking with other experts in my field). The capability to outsource in this area is FANTASTIC, and best of all, there are people out there that can do it waaaaaay better than I or you can (and faster).

The first method Brendon Burchard talks about (that I’ve saved for second) is regarding what I have found to be different than just about everyone else (and certainly most refreshing to see nowadays), and that is his attitude towards giving. It definitely resonates deep within his character and rings out loud and clear through everything he writes. And, I’ve thought deeply and reflected much about what this really means. What I’ve come up with is this: rich people in general aren’t out searching for ways to become richer. Well, maybe some are, but for the most part, many aren’t. They’re just busy trying to be good bosses by keeping their employees happy and their customers happy on top of trying to maintain profitability. The poor, hungry and driven people on the other hand ARE searching for ways to at least get ahead of the game. Maybe not to become filthy rich, but simply looking to supplement their incomes, or be their own boss, or start their own businesses, or maybe they just want to be able to buy braces for their kid.

Then, on the flip-side of all this, you have those low-down, dirty rotten charlatans who will step all over the backs of the poor by promising all kinds of money if they follow some cheesy, five-step program to either flip-houses or whatever for three easy payments of only $139.99 (or more!). Seriously though, what single mother or father on a strict food budget or single income family (like us) can afford to spend over $400 on something so risky? It would be foolish! The point of bringing up the bad, get-rich quick guys is to say that The Millionaire Messenger is not like that. To grow a business based on Brendon Burchard’s know-how requires so very little, if any start-up and that’s awesome.

Well, looks like I went on a tangent. Sorry about that. Look, all I’m trying to get at is that if you want to get ahead, you first have to give. Set in motion some type of “promotional” giveaway like maybe a low cost gift basket full of office supplies? Maybe you are a knitter- who would like a free pair of knitted wool socks? (Me, please!) Or, write up a portion of your how-to training and give it away, better yet offer up your own promoting of someone else’s business. There are plenty of examples in the book that demonstrate how giving first can be the key to growth. Sounds weird I know, but it’s true!


You need to find and work with like-minded individuals in the expert community so THEY can promote dreamstimefree_186042your message.

Sound unreasonable? Actually, it’s not. Who knew that it could be easy to find experts in the field you are in and have THEM actually promote YOU? Not only that, but “position” yourself into a place where YOU are the one being promoted and even interviewed! Sounds crazy, I know, but with this book you can get to that place where you are the expert to your niche audience, it’s all possible. (I have to admit that this truly was an eye-opener for me)

You CAN land big promotional partners, and The Millionaire Messenger
shows you in detail how to do this and even how to find them.

As an example, I’m really into horses (really, really) and one of my “How-To” training courses will involve them. At this point though, I have no idea who the big names are in this industry other than super hitters like Clinton Anderson, Buck Brannaman, or Pat Parrelli. What I need to do is take a few steps down the ladder and find some local or state-wide horse experts and partner up with them. I’m really excited that Mr. Burchard has equipped me to set sail into these unchartered waters and I’m eager to get going!


sharp knifeGrab your sharpener, you’re about to refine your skill set!

            • So… who are you, really? Who do you NEED to be?
            • Are you in the right place in your life for this?
            • Can you be distinctive or unique in your niche? Do you know how to be?
            • Are you sure you can cultivate excellence in our life and business? Are you prepared to be totally bent on skill development?

I know I am! I’m blessed enough to be in a place where I have the time to develop this adventure. I’m blessed enough to be able to at least attempt to enrich our lives and the lives of others. I feel that this is an important job to have, maybe the most important?

Why? Because learning isn’t going out of style any time soon, people aren’t going to magically cease needing help and guess what else- people will pay to shorten the learning curve. To repeat from the very beginning- this book claims that there are fewer stable and lucrative jobs in the world other than that of being an “expert”. Only you can be the expert of what you’ve learned, and what you’ve overcome in your life.

Why not develop that message, foster the growth of a business, give away something for free and help people at the same time?


Take-offLast one, and it’s your trumpet call to action. Key word, action! Take off and get started today.

It’s a death sentence to be small-minded. Well, you won’t DIE, per se, but it can be the death of your POTENTIAL. You have the potential to change your situation, all you have to do is LEARN, RESEARCH, STUDY, CREATE IT.

You need to learn how to find your unique, teachable point-of-view if you want to be in the information business. Are you worried about it? Don’t be! Worried that you can’t be a public speaker? This book shows you that webinars can be your answer. Not a good writer? This book shows you how you can outsource. Not a good teacher? This book can show you how to be a good teacher.

Worried that you can’t do anything at all? No need to worry because The Millionaire Messenger book will blow you away with “the millionaire expert empire in five-steps”. Basically, it’s a step-by-step layout of how to make a million dollars in one year.

Pretty unbelievable, yeah, I know. But the better approach is this: is it possible? And, even better-

Why not? Why couldn’t it be possible for you?

Will I personally attempt it? Maybe. I don’t think it’s too outlandish. Really, I don’t. I guess over time, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Either way, I’m busy enough with my own arsenal of strategies I’ve learned to launch my own message out into the world due to the finding, reading, and absorbing of this book.

In the end, I believe *every* how-to, and “get rich” book has something to offer, I really do. The world is hungry for new ideas and new tactics, whether it’s for a business or simple skill development. But not only that, technology is growing and changing at the fastest rate ever, so why not soak in and learn what you can to add value to the way you do things? Doubly so, why not improve the lives of others we serve by providing valuable information to them?

I’ll leave you with a little something to think over that Brendon wrote in his book-


“…when I began, all I had were those two gadgets [phone and laptop]. I had no money, no influence, no name recognition, no rich uncles, nothing. I was armed with only a message and a dream, and soon my computer became my only needed resource. My laptop became my ATM, allowing me to write articles and books and create and post webinars, videos and online programs that people paid me for…” –pg. 26-27

“Within three years total, I became a best-selling author, a $25,000-per-speech keynote speaker, a seminar leader who sells out every event, a life coach, a small business consultant with a multi-year waiting list, and an online information marketer who averaged around $2M for every major promotion I put online.  I did all this working from home and without a single full-time employee.” –pg. 14

What will it take for you to start out and win?